Stephanie Hensley is a women’s shoe designer who has designed for companies large and small worldwide for over nine years.  Stephanie has received a Master’s degree with Distinction in Fashion Footwear from Cordwainers, London College of Fashion, one of the oldest and most reputable footwear schools in the world. Stephanie is American, born in Massachusetts, but has lived in six countries around the world. Stephanie’s eponymous luxury collection was based upon her time spent living in China, supported by empirical research into Chinese cultural traditions and symbolism. The Longevity Series subverted the stigma of “Made in China” and all that it represents. Stephanie’s collection of footwear as art was lauded by London press and won the prestigious Shaftesbury Award, as well as gaining supporters such as Lady Gaga and Estelle Rubio; the collection has also been exhibited in Italy’s footwear museum in Vigevano, outside of Milano.